Surgical Headlights

Surgical Headlights

Don't underestimate the importance of choosing the ideal lighting system for your surgical environment. Inadequate lighting will require frequent adjustment during the procedure, which diverts the surgical staff's attention away from what matters the most: caring for the patient. Poor lighting can also cast shadows or create glare that limits visibility. The quality of the lights in the operating room can even affect the mood and morale of the surgical team, which can have a direct impact on performance.

Surgimedics: Our Capabilities Extend Beyond Smoke Evacuation in the OR

While we're known as a leading provider of high-quality products for efficient smoke evacuation in the OR, Surgimedics also offers a selection of innovative surgical lighting systems. We feature advanced LED lights specifically designed for use in surgical settings. LED products such as the revolutionary Xenosys L2S15 system produce less heat, reducing the risk of drying out tissue during the operation. They also last longer than halogen bulbs, resulting in long-term energy and cost savings.

About the Xenosys L2S15

The Xenosys L2S15 is a stunningly bright LED surgical headlight that is portable and easy to use. With a maximum brightness of 59,000 LX, this highly advanced surgical headlight is ideally suited for use in procedures where maximum visibility is paramount. This advanced surgical LED headlight system features innovate illumination technology that is similar to sunlight, producing a clear, clean, shadow-free light.

L2S15 Surgical Headlights Offer Superior Battery Power

The L2S15 surgical LED headlight is equipped with a powerful BTP15 battery pack that represents a significant upgrade over the BTP09 unit. You get the benefit of up to 23 hours of battery life when operating your headlight at its lowest level while experiencing greater brightness than when operating the L2S09 at the same level. The LED light panel features an easy-to-read digital display that enables you to quickly view the remaining battery status by digital number. The enhanced battery pack also provides excellent protection against external shock, while helping to increase operating efficiency.

Other Key Xenosys L2S15 Features

This highly effective surgical LED headlight system includes a user-friendly remote controller that simplifies the unit’s operation. This wireless remote also eliminates the concerns over defective electrical cords or wiring that could otherwise lead to surgical headlight failure or even pose a safety hazard. It comes with a durable carrying case that enables you to easily transport the unit and provides additional protection. The LCU15 latch is more durable than the LCU09 and is designed to minimize the possibility of breakage. You can also increase the headlight’s battery life by adding the optional XPS30W.

Xenosys: A Leading Manufacturer of Medical Exam Headlights

Xenosys has been designing and manufacturing superior medical and surgical headlights since 1999. Xenosys headlights feature advanced high-optical technology that has been adapted from defense industry applications and applied to the medical optics industry. Xenosys surgical headlight systems, telescopes and camera systems are now widely used by some of the finest healthcare facilities around the world due to their reliable performance, ease of use and unsurpassed quality.

CLS-Surgimedics Is Proud to Be a Xenosys Distributor

As an authorized Xenosys headlights distributor, CLS Surgimedics is a trusted source for Xenosys LED surgical headlights. When you purchase the L2S15 LED surgical headlight from us, you get access to our more than a quarter century of experience in helping medical professionals receive the right product they need to optimize performance and provide the best possible outcome for their patients. You get the benefit of affordable pricing.

Our Flexibility Sets Us Apart From Other Surgical Equipment Suppliers

Whether you're in the market for the best equipment for smoke evacuation in the OR, high-quality lighting systems or other types of surgical equipment, you will surely appreciate our flexibility. We're willing to work closely with all our clients to ensure they get the product that meets their needs and fits their budget.

Contact Us to Learn More About the Xenosys L2S15

Learn more about the many ways in which the revolutionary L2S15 LED medical headlight from Xenosys can significantly improve illumination during your most challenging surgical procedures. Contact CLS-Surgimedics for additional product and pricing information today. Feel free to give our knowledgeable team a call at 800-645-7418 for immediate assistance. Surgimedics: Clear the Air for Safer Healthcare.