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The use of a mechanical smoke evacuation system with a highly efficient filtration system is widely recommended as the best way to provide optimal protection from surgical smoke. The Surgifresh Turbo smoke evacuator is a simple to use affordable solution to the need for effective smoke evacuation.
The Surgifresh Turbo smoke evacuator is powerful, quiet and easy to use. And with the included wheel and handle kit, it is easily moved from room to room.
For high performance smoke evacuation with a low procedure cost, Surgimedics offers the Surgifresh Turbo smoke evacuator. It is a freestanding unit that evacuates hazardous laser or surgical smoke using vacuum hose or medical tubing directly at the procedure site.
The PureVac is a quiet and compact smoke evacuator, designed with ease of portability in mind. It is easily placed on a tabletop or electrosurgical unit cart. Featuring our ULPA Clear filter, the PureVac smoke evacuator is ideal for office based practices needing a smoke evacuator for occasional use or viral procedures.