Xenosys L2S15 Complete System

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Surgical LED Headlight System

While halogen lighting has traditionally been the gold standard in illumination for surgeons, many healthcare professionals are making the transition to a surgical LED headlight system. LED lights burn cooler, which can minimize the risk of tissue damage during surgical procedures. They also require significantly less power to operate, resulting in longer battery life.

The L2S15 Portable LED Light System

The L2S15 is one of the brightest among existing LED Headlight Systems, with a lower power consumption of only 2 watts comparing to other products that consume 3 watts. It uses illumination technology that is similar to sunlight allowing it to be brighter than others. Being larger and uniform it also has a co-axial lighting system that allows a shadow-free uniform light. Headlights available in 66 mm, 74 mm , or 82 mm.

Product Features:

  • Innovative modern LED technology
  • No large, heavy fiber-optic light cables pulling the surgeon during procedures
  • Cost-saving device with no need for expensive external light source and light cables
  • Battery running time maximum 23 hours (at the lowest level)
  • Comes with durable carrying case
  • Extendable battery running time provided by XPS30W (optional item)
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