Operating Room Smoke Evacuators

Operating Room Smoke Evacuation

When you’re working in the OR, the main concern of you and your team should be the successful completion of the procedure, not the potential effects of laser or electrosurgical smoke plumes. Surgimedics makes smoke evacuation in the OR easy with intuitive products that capture and filter out potentially harmful chemicals without interfering with your workflow. Focus on delivering the best care possible without jeopardizing your own health with Surgimedics operating room smoke evacuation machines.

The Necessity of Smoke Evacuation in the OR

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 500,000 healthcare workers are exposed to smoke plumes each year. Potential repercussions of smoke exposure include pulmonary irritation, upper respiratory infection, nausea, headaches and genotoxicity. When working with infectious material, there is also a possibility that viral fragments in the air can enter the body through inhalation. A Surgimedics operating room smoke evacuation system can help ensure harmful compounds are captured properly, providing an important safeguard for your health and that of your patients and staff.

Built for Today’s Surgeons

The SurgiFresh Turbo by Surgimedics is an ideal solution for smoke evacuation in the OR. Easy to integrate into your workflow, the Turbo’s smooth-bore tubing and wand can be attached directly to most electrosurgical and laser devices to provide efficient capture of smoke byproducts. Footpedal controls keep your hands free, and a unique low-noise design minimizes distractions while you work. A replaceable filter capable of eliminating up to 99.9995% of contaminants 0.1µ or larger ensures that virtually all airborne toxins are removed.

We Specialize in Cost-Effective OR Smoke Evacuation Systems

Smoke evacuation in the operating room is an important safety consideration when working with laser, electrosurgical or other “hot” tools. Investing in quality evac equipment keeps you and your employees healthy, minimizing downtime due to illness. Surgimedics proudly supplies today’s surgeons with budget-friendly equipment that nevertheless delivers industry-leading performance. Contact our team today for more information.