Surgical Smoke Plume Removal

Surgical Smoke Plume Removal

Surgical smoke plume – the potentially toxic byproducts of laparoscopic, ultrasonic and laser procedures – is a growing concern in the medical industry. Recent estimates by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that an average of 500,000 healthcare providers are being exposed to smoke plume hazards each year.

Proper mitigation of the risks involved with minimally invasive procedures includes equipment that is not only capable of capturing toxic emissions but is also intuitive and easy enough to use so it doesn’t interfere with workflow during the procedure.

Risks of Surgical Smoke Plume

Surgical smoke caused by laser and electrosurgical instruments can contain upwards of 40 toxins including carbon monoxide, benzene and hydrogen cyanide. Some evidence suggests that long-term exposure to surgical plumes can have the same negative health effects as cigarette smoking. Healthcare providers who work extensively with electrosurgical instruments commonly report symptoms including respiratory distress, nausea and pulmonary irritation.

Additionally, many of the chemicals in surgical smoke plume have carcinogenic, genotoxic and mutagenic properties.

Smoke Plume Removal With Surgimedics Devices

The SurgiFresh Turbo by Surgimedics is the ideal solution for capturing surgical plume before it affects the health of your team. The unit’s powerful suction capacity and simple operation allows it to be easily deployed in a number of different clinical settings where smoke plume is a concern. Important features of the SurgiFresh Turbo include:

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