Laser Smoke Evacuators

Laser Smoke Evacuators

Today’s healthcare professionals are becoming increasingly more aware of the potential risks of working with laser surgery equipment. At Surgimedics, we’ve made it our mission to provide affordable, effective laser smoke evacuation units that meet the needs of practicing clinicians and their staff. If you regularly work with laser or electrosurgical equipment, you owe it to your health to purchase a smoke remediation unit.

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Why You Need a Laser Smoke Evacuator

While the long-term risks of working with laser surgery equipment have yet to be conclusively determined, what’s known for sure is that laser smoke plumes contain carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, benzene and other toxic chemicals. Without the regular use of a laser plume smoke evacuator, you and your staff are at risk of developing upper respiratory infections, eye irritations, nausea and more. Use of a laser smoke evacuation system is one of the methods recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for mitigating the health risks associated with laser surgery procedures.

The Surgimedics Difference

Laser smoke evacuation systems have a reputation for being poorly designed, noisy and obtrusive, particularly in clinical settings where space is at a premium. Surgimedics’ laser smoke evac units are different. Our products are quiet and integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow. With footpedal operation and available hardware for attaching the unit directly to most electrosurgical pencils, Surgimedics products represent a new standard in laser smoke evacuation.

Quality Filters Make All the Difference

At the heart of a Surgimedics laser smoke evacuation system is a high-quality, replaceable ultra-low penetration air filter (ULPA) capable of filtering out contaminants as small as 0.1µ with up to 99.9995% efficiency. Designed for long operational life, Surgimedics laser surgery smoke evacuator filters are cost-effective and ideally suited for almost all clinical settings.

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