PUREVAC TURBO Smoke Evacuation System (115 V - 60 Hz)

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*** Tubing & Filters Not Included ***

The Purevac Turbo smoke evacuator was designed especially for medical procedures where infectious materials, such as the human papillomavirus (HPV), may be present in the surgical smoke. Results from numerous studies have demonstrated that when infectious tissue is treated with a laser or electrosurgical device, infectious material is present in the surgical plume and consequently, present in the smoke evacuator tubing and ULPA filter. While these studies were unable to demonstrate that the papillomavirus was infectious, they did highlight the potential health hazard associated with inhalation of infectious material in surgical smoke.

Most smoke evacuation systems provide a filter that requires replacement every six to eight hours of use. Depending on the actual use of the smoke evacuator, this means that infectious particulate and odor may linger in the smoke evacuator filter for several days or even weeks until the filter needs to be changed. Surgimedics’ Purevac Turbo smoke evacuator allows for more frequent low cost replacement of the contaminated filter, reducing the possibility of infection transmission from a contaminated fiter in the health care environment.

The Purevac Turbo smoke evacuator is also ideal for physician’s offices or clinics where there is infrequent need for a smoke evacuation system. With proper changing of the ULPA filter in the smoke evacuation system as an item of critical importance, the Purevac filtration system allows for frequent changing of the contaminated filter at very low cost, guaranteeing an odor free environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and lightweight tabletop design
  • Fits on most electrosurgical carts for portability
  • Ideal for small amounts of surgical smoke
  • Especially recommended when the surgical smoke may contain infectious particulate
  • Low cost smaller 5 stage filter cartridge for frequent changes


Noise Levels

  • @ Minimum Power = 54 dBA
  • @ Maximum Power = 62 dBA

Maximum Flow Rates vs Diameter

  • 30 CFM with 7/8” Hose
  • 6 CFM with 3/8" Hose
  • 4 CFM with 1/4” Hose


  • 14”W x 8.75”H x 15.5”D


  • 115 Volt 60 Hz


  • With Filter - 16.9 lbs
  • Without Filter- 15.75 lbs

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