Smoke Evacuation Systems

All smoke evacuation systems today include a high efficiency filtration system to remove odor, toxic gases and particulate from electrosurgical and laser smoke plume created during surgical and aesthetic procedures. A stand alone or portable smoke evacuator with charcoal and ULPA filters is the recommended method to provide optimal protection for healthcare workers from electrosurgical and laser smoke.

Smoke Evacuation System Design and Selection

Choosing the right smoke evacuator does require some research. The major requirements for a smoke evacuation system should include not only the type of filtration system, but other factors that may contribute to the practical use of the equipment. Is the smoke evacuation unit quiet? Does the smoke evacuator have adequate suction? Is the smoke evacuator portable? Are the costs for replacement filters and other smoke evacuation accessories reasonable? Is maintenance of the smoke evacuator simple?

Benefits of Surgimedics Smoke Evacuation Products

  • Modern filter design traps particles as small as 0.1µ with 99.9995% efficiency.
  • Portable, low-noise design makes units deployable in tight spaces.
  • Maximum flow rates up to 65 CFM.
  • Hands-free operation.
  • And more!

Smoke Evacuation Systems Pricing

The cost of a smoke evacuation unit includes not just an initial outlay of capital but the recurring expenses of maintenance and upkeep as well. Often, buying a less expensive unit will cost you more down the road as individual components break down and wear items require replacing sooner. Surgimedics smoke evacuation machines are designed to save you money both upfront and over the long term. Our units include economical replaceable prefilters that minimize wear and extend the life of the more expensive main filtration system.

Smoke Evacuation Systems for Sale From Surgimedics

Surgimedics offers smoke evacuation systems that are quiet, portable, cost effective and simple to maintain, making it easy to gain compliance from surgeons, OR personnel and other healthcare staff. They are designed to address the usual objections for not using a smoke evacuator, such as the purchase or operation cost, the noise level, the cost per procedure and the lack of available personnel to hold smoke evacuation tubing. While our smoke evacuators aren’t able to convince surgeons or surgical staff that electrosurgical and laser smoke plume is a potential hazard, or prove that there is a connection between smoke plume and actual physical effects, they do what they are intended to do – clear the air for safer healthcare.

***For additional information regarding the CLS Surgimedics Surgifresh Smoke Evacuation systems, feel free to contact one of our CLS Surgimedics customer service team members at 800.645.7418 Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm CST. We will be more than welcomed to assist and answer any questions you may have and can help you decide the right equipment for your facility.***