Surgimedics® Replacement for Stackhouse® In-Line Wall Smoke Plume Removal Filter - Single Use

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Surgimedics offers these single-use in-line wall filters that are used with either ¼” or 3/8” hospital tubing and are placed within the wall suction system to protect against corrosion of the suction pipes and building contamination.

While a smoke evacuator with a highly efficient filter is the recommended method of providing optimal protection from surgical smoke, in-line filters are effective in removing small amounts of surgical smoke created during laser and electrosurgical procedures. When a hospital decides to make use of an existing wall suction system as a method of smoke evacuation and filtration, the in-line filter must only be used for small amounts of smoke since the suction line typically generates 2 cubic feet per minute of air flow (cfm). A typical smoke evacuator moves air at a flow rate of 35 to 50 cfm.

Placement of the in-line filter is also an important consideration, especially if the surgical procedure produces fluids that will be suctioned. In this case, the in-line filter should be placed between the suction canister and the wall connection. This will prevent the filter media from getting wet, and consequently, decrease the filter’s efficiency.

Filtration Efficiency

  • 0.3µ Particles (equivalent to HEPA filtration)

Filter Life

  • Single Use


Quantity per Box 10
Item Sterilized No
ULPA Media No
Activated Carbon No
Useful Life Single Use
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