7/8" x 10' Tubing - Sterile

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Quantity: 24/Box

Surgimedics offers a wide selection of vacuum hose, medical tubing, adapters and collection wands for efficient capture of the airborne contaminants and odor found in surgical smoke when used with a smoke evacuator. Hoses and tubing are available in non-sterile or sterile packaging and in sizes from ¼” to 1 1/3”. To maximize flow rates and to minimize noise levels, Surgimedics’ tubing and hoses are offered with a smooth bore inner surface. And with a number of adapters and reducers also available, Surgimedics provides optimum flexibility in choosing the right tubing for each laser or electrosurgical procedure.

Using the right tubing size or positioning the tubing in the right location is as critical to efficient smoke evacuation as the smoke evacuator’s filter. A filtration system can remove particulate matter or odor from surgical smoke only if it has been captured by the collection device. Every effort, then, should be made to position the tubing as close as possible to the procedure site to maximize the amount of surgical smoke captured. The further a hose or tubing is from the procedure site, the efficiency of the smoke evacuator will decrease significantly, allowing laser plume or surgical smoke to escape into the room.


Quantity per Box 24
Tubing Sterilized Yes
Tubing Diameter 7/8"
Tubing Length 10 ft
Adapts From N/A
Adapts To N/A
Wand Included No
Sponge Guard Included No
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