Surgifresh Smoke Evacuators

Surgifresh OR Smoke Evacuation Systems

Surgimedics sells a wide assortment of smoke evacuation systems to keep the air in your operating room fresh and clean by removing smoke plumes during laser and electrosurgical procedures. Our advanced smoke evacuation machines will create a safer, healthier environment for patients and surgical team members.

We offer OR smoke evacuation systems from Surgifresh, a leading manufacturer of versatile, efficient equipment for a variety of surgical applications. Surgifresh Turbo smoke evaluation systems feature a unique ULPA filtration system that can capture plume particles efficiently, as well as a low-cost prefilter that extends the lifespan of the primary ULPA filter. These two filters work in tandem to provide a reliable filtration system that ensures the best possible air quality during your surgical procedures.

Surgifresh Smoke Evacuation Machines Are Easy to Use

All Surgifresh smoke evacuation systems feature a user-friendly design, enabling you to focus on the task at hand without having to worry about your equipment. The machines offer the advantage of portability — the wheel-mounted design allows you to move them around the operating room and to various locations throughout your facility quickly and efficiently. You can complete the setup of the machine in a few minutes and control its various functions by pressing buttons and turning knobs. There is also a built-in test mode so you can determine the status of the ULPA filter during and after each surgical procedure, so you will know when it's time for a replacement.

Flexible Suction Capacity to Meet Your Requirements

Surgifresh OR smoke evacuation machines allow you to maintain control over the level of suction throughout the surgical procedure. Choose the size of tubing and prefilter that can best handle the smoke volume produced during the operation. There is also a rotating Suction knob you can turn to increase or decrease the suction level as needed. The Turbo setting provides maximum suction capacity for procedures that create a high volume of intermittent smoke and fumes.

The Optional ArmStand Assistant Will Hold the Tubing in Place

If you typically work in a crowded operating room, the space-saving ArmStand Assistant will secure the unit's tubing at the tissue impact site, which eliminates the need for manual holding and manipulating. You may need one less person to execute the procedure, which can also reduce costs.

Surgimedics Provides Complete Support for Your Smoke Evacuation System

Are you implementing a smoke evacuation system for the first time? Surgimedics gives you access to an assortment of resources that will simplify the task. Our site includes videos, training manuals and other educational materials, and you can always contact us directly for personalized assistance.

Please take a few minutes to review our selection of Surgifresh OR smoke evacuation systems, and feel free to contact us for additional product and pricing information.