Welcome to CLS Surgimedics

Welcome to CLS Surgimedics

CLS-Surgimedics is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of laser and electrosurgical smoke evacuation equipment. Smoke evacuators are used to remove and filter hazardous smoke plume and odor created in the operating room during most electrosurgical and laser procedures, including many cosmetic procedures in the fast growing aesthetic market. It is well documented that surgical and laser smoke plume, which contains toxic gases, cellular material and viruses, may cause respiratory and eye irritations or nausea in the healthcare worker. It can also reduce visibility of the procedure site for the surgeon or aesthetic technician.

Smoke Evacuators Make Safe Workplaces

Surgimedics has committed itself to creating a safer work environment for the healthcare professional. We offer dependable, user-friendly and affordable smoke evac machines that consistently exceed customer expectations for quality and performance. Our product offering also includes a wide selection of ULPA filters, medical tubing and accessories for numerous medical specialties, such as laparoscopy, ophthalmology, veterinary and laser hair removal. Surgimedics’ smoke evac products are the best choice to reduce the health risks to both staff and patient from exposure to electrosurgical and laser smoke plume.

Benefits of Surgimedics Smoke Evacuators

Surgimedics smoke evac products are respected by medical and healthcare professionals all over the world for their ease of use, simple controls and quiet, unobtrusive design. The SurgiFresh Turbo line represents our most powerful professional-grade product yet. Three different power ratings are available for a variety of laboratory and clinical environments. Hands-free operation allows the technician to deploy the unit at a moment’s notice, without having to stop his or her task.

System Components

A Surgimedics smoke evacuator can be configured a number of different ways for deployment in different clinical settings. The basic components of a Surgimedics smoke evac machine include the following:

  • The core unit is available in 115V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz and 230V/60Hz configurations, with or without an arm stand or wheel/handle kit.
  • Several different filters and pre-filters are available for our smoke evacuators providing advanced odor control, long operational life and filtration of particles as small as 0.1µ.
  • Tubing, reducers and adapters are essential to our smoke evacuators’ ability to collect smoke plumes. Numerous sizes and lengths are available.
  • Latex-free pencil wands attach directly to most electrosurgical pencils for easy plume collection.

Contact our team for more information about our full lineup of smoke evac product offerings. With a dedicated team of engineers and customer support associates, Surgimedics provides you with the highest quality engineering and customer service support in the smoke evacuation market.