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Smoke Evacuation Pencils and Wands

Smoke evacuation wands and pencils are an important part of any surgical plume remediation equipment. Surgimedics designs and sells several smoke wands for use with our SurgiFresh evacuation products. Pencil wands attach directly to most electrosurgical, laser and ultrasonic instruments, allowing for more direct contact with the procedure site and, as a result, greater capture of harmful pathogens contained in surgical smoke. Surgimedics smoke evacuation pencils can also be used with in-line wall suction systems.

We offer the following products:

  • DSE disposable smoke evacuation wand: The DSE is a non-sterile wand designed for one-time use. Measuring ¼” diameter and 9” long, the DSE is available in convenient packs of 50.
  • Laser-resistant clear suction wand with sponge guard: Available sterilized or unsterilized, our laser-resistant suction wands come in packs of ten and measure 7/8” by 8”.
  • ESU pencil wands: ESU pencil wands are latex-free and come sterilized for immediate use. Universal sized to fit almost all electrosurgical instruments, its direct attachment capabilities mean an assistant is not required to hold the tubing while you work, freeing up your staff to concentrate on more important things. The ESU pencil is designed to connect to 3/8” vacuum hose or medical tubing. ESU pencil wands come in packs of ten and are available with a small or large (0.44”) tip.

Benefits of Smoke Evacuation Wands

Smoke wands add to the capabilities of a conventional evac unit by allowing the surgeon to collect toxins directly at the procedure site without the need of an assistant or any significant changes in workflow. This helps prevent the spread of plume smoke known to contain over 40 potentially dangerous chemicals. As a result, using our smoke wands and smoke evacuation pencils can create a safer, healthier environment for surgeons, nurses, technologists and the other members of your organization's surgical teams.

Expect the Best Value for Your Money at Surgimedics

At Surgimedics, we recognize the need for healthcare organizations to comply with strict budgetary guidelines. When you purchase an ESU pencil or any of our smoke wands, you'll benefit from our affordable pricing. We automatically discount all items on our e-commerce site, and we also run frequent promotions that deliver additional savings.

Take a Closer Look at Our Selection of Smoke Wands for Sale

Please take a minute to review the informative product descriptions for our line of smoke evacuation pencils and wands and place your order now. If you have any questions about pricing, sizing or a general inquiry about which smoke evacuation pencil is right for your purpose, contact the Surgimedics team today at 800-645-7418. Surgimedics: Clear the Air for Safer Healthcare.