Surgimedics Smoke Prefilter - 7/8" Vacuum Hose Port

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In the filtration system for the Surgifresh Turbo smoke evacuator, the removal of the particulate matter and odors found in laser plume or surgical smoke occurs in two filter stages. In the first filtration stage, the replaceable HEPA prefilter removes particles down to 0.1 microns at 99.9995% efficiency, thus capturing a large percentage of the particulate matter. In the second filtration stage, the primary ULPA filter removes the remaining particles as well as the odors and gases associated with surgical smoke plume. The primary benefit to removing the surgical smoke in two filtration stages is that the prefilter ensures the optimum performance and useful life of the more expensive ULPA filter used with the smoke evacuator.

Surgimedics prefilters are also designed to provide visual indication that the prefilter needs to be replaced. When you notice that the top layer of the filter media is covered with dark brown or black sediment, it is time to change the prefilter of the smoke evacuator. The useful life of a Surgimedics prefilter is recommended for single use. All prefilters are easily replaced, which can be quickly done during a procedure if necessary.

Surgifresh Smoke Prefilter

  • 7/8” Tubing Ports
  • Contains Two Layers of Filter Media for Particulate Removal
  • Recommended for Low plume, Electrosurgical Procedures


Quantity per Box 30
Item Sterilized No
Activated Carbon No
Media Layers 1
Port Size 7/8"
Useful Life Single Use (RECOMMENDED)
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