Surgifresh Turbo Complete Deal (110-120V-60Hz)

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*** ArmStand Assistant Not Included, Extended Warranty Not Included ***

*** Promotional Pricing is available only in the United States and US Territories ***

Surgimedics provides smoke evacuation systems for safer healthcare. Smoke evacuators are used to remove and filter hazardous smoke plume and odor created during most electrosurgical and laser procedures.

Surgimedics is affordable and reliable now offering complete smoke evacuation systems for under $1,700. Get the complete package and protect your patients and staff today. Just choose your size tubing and add to cart.

*Price includes Surgifresh Turbo Smoke Evacuator, ULPA Smoke Filter, 5 Prefilters and your choice of 5 pieces of tubing.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple controls, powerful and quiet
  • Cost-effective filtration system
  • Replaceable prefilter
  • Includes 1 pneumatic foot pedal for hands-free operation
  • Recommended for all electrosurgical and laser procedures


Noise Levels

  • @ Minimum Power = 56 dBA
  • @ Maximum Power = 63 dBA

Maximum Flow Rates

  • 60 CFM with 6’ Long 11/3” Hose
  • 35 CFM with 6’ Long 7/8” Hose
  • 7 CFM with 8’ Long 3/8” Hose
  • 5 CFM with 6’ Long 7/8” Hose and 2’ Long ¼” Tubing


  • 10.5” X 9.125” X 25.25”
  • Power Cord 9.7 ft (length)
  • Footswitch 12.6 ft (length)


  • 115 Volt 60 Hz 8 Amp Circuit Breakers


  • 26 lbs

Demonstration / Promotional Video

Quantity per Box 1
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Terms of Extended Warranty

*Warranty only valid with new purchase of a Surgifresh Turbo Smoke Evacuation System. Accessories and tubing are not covered by the extended warranty*

*Customers will receive a valid certificate that will be shipped along with their smoke evacuator for proof of purchase.*

This Extended Warranty is offered by CLS Surgimedics covering parts and labor costs to repair your product in the event it fails to properly operate due to a defect in materials or workmanship. Coverage under the Extended Warranty is effective on the date the original product Warranty expires and will expire one (1) year from this effective date. After the original product Warranty expires, coverage under the Extended Warranty continues to provide the benefits of the original product Warranty, a copy of which is included on reverse side of this document, together with certain additional benefits as described here. Equipment must be shipped to CLS Surgimedics location at 7027 Fairgrounds Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78238 USA, at expense of Extended Warranty holder. CLS Surgimedics will pay for Ground return shipping within the contiguous US; warranty holders outside of the contiguous US are responsible for return shipping costs. Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number must be obtained from CLS Surgimedics prior to returning to the equipment. Customer is required to provide proof of purchase for the equipment and its Extended Warranty. The Extended Warranty is non-transferable, and is offered and in turn granted, only to an original end-user purchaser of new equipment at time of its original purchase.

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