Scope Warmers

Laparoscopic and other electrosurgical professionals will appreciate the excellent prices on scope warmers for sale from Coastal Life Systems. As laparoscopy becomes an increasingly well-regarded, minimally-invasive alternative to a number or procedures, specialists are finding themselves in growing demand throughout the country. By carefully controlling your overhead costs, you can make the most of this opportunity and grow your practice in a sustainable manner. Our conveniently priced ten packs of laparoscopic warmers keep your expensive equipment fog-free, safe and reduce setup times, allowing you to focus on delivering the high quality of care your patients expect from you.

Features and Benefits of our Laparoscopic Warmers

Our disposable scope warmers come fully sterilized and are latex and DEHP free, making them suitable for use around expectant mothers, pediatric, kidney dialysis and other higher-risk patients. Compatible with instruments of all lengths and sizes, our scope warmers ensure your secondary laparoscope is always heated and ready to use — one warmer can be counted on for between 45 and 60 minutes of warmth. Easy to use and cost-effective, scope warmers are completely self-contained, requiring no auxiliary power source or capital equipment and effectively warm scopes in under a minute thereby substantially reducing lens fog!

Your One-Stop Source for Laparoscopy Tools and Accessories

In addition to laparoscopic scope warmers, Coastal Life Systems also supplies a wide range of electrosurgical tools, parts and accessories. On our website you will find smoke evacuation systems, tubing and filters; laser fibers and laser eyewear; surgical headlights and more.

Why Coastal Life Systems?

For over 25 years, Coastal Life Systems has been delivering state of the art, economical solutions for medical, dental and veterinary professionals. We’re committed to offering an extremely high quality of product at a price that respects your budget. Make us your first choice for fog reducing laparoscopic scope warmers and other surgical accessories, and you'll see why we're preferred by healthcare providers across the country.

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