In-Line Filters

In-Line Smoke Filters From Surgimedics

For applications in which a proper surgical smoke evacuation machine is not suitable, an in-line smoke filter for your wall suction system can be used to safely capture small amounts of hazardous plume. Surgimedics offers two different in-line filters featuring similar technology to that contained in our flagship SurgiFresh evacuation device. Use of in-line smoke filters will greatly reduce exposure to the toxic chemicals found in surgical smoke, minimizing the risk of respiratory infections, eye irritations, nausea and other symptoms commonly associated with the use of electrosurgical instruments.

Product Offerings

  • Single-use in-line smoke filter: Disposable wall filters are ideal for use in clinics and surgery centers where electrosurgical or laser procedures are performed rarely. Available in packs of 10.
  • Multi-use in-line smoke filter: Multi-use filters can be counted on for a full day of use before requiring replacement, making them suitable for clinics that perform regular electrosurgical procedures. Available in packs of 10.
  • Features and Specifications

    Both single- and multi-use in-line smoke filters feature the following benefits:

    • Removal of particles as small as 0.1µ with 99.9995% efficiency.
    • Rigid ports for airtight connections, to ensure collected plume does not leak out into your workspace.
    • Designed to protect suction systems and pipes against contamination.
    • Can be used with ¼” or 3/8” hospital tubing.

    Using In-Line Smoke Filters

    Wall suction units typically provide flow rates of 2 CFM (as opposed to between 30-60 CFM produced by dedicated evacuation machines). Because of this, care must be taken to ensure filtration systems are installed and used properly. Ensure that Surgimedics in-line smoke filters never get wet by installing them properly between the wall and suction canister. Do not use in-line smoke filters for longer than they are designed for; significant decreases in a filter’s efficiency occur as it becomes clogged.

    For more information about smoke filters for in-line wall suction units, or to discuss options for purchasing a dedicated evac unit, contact Surgimedics today.