Smoke Evacuation Tubing

Smoke Evacuation Tubing

Surgimedics offers a wide selection of vacuum hoses, medical evacuation tubing, adapters and collection wands for efficient capture of surgical smoke. Also offered are a number of specialized smoke evacuation tubing sets for surgical, veterinary and other procedures, especially laparoscopic procedures. Available in non-sterile and sterile packaging and in sizes from ¼" to 1 1/3", Surgimedics provides optimum flexibility in choosing the right tubing for each laser or electrosurgical procedure.

Using the correct tubing size and positioning the tubing close to the procedure site are critical elements to effective evacuation of smoke plume. It is typically recommended that larger surgical smoke evacuation tubing be used and placed within a couple of inches of the procedure site to maximize the amount of surgical smoke captured. Using small tubing sizes and positioning tubing further from the procedure site will decrease the efficiency of the smoke evacuator and allow laser plume or surgical smoke to escape into the room.

Surgical Smoke Evacuation Kits

Practicing surgeons – especially those specializing in electrosurgical, laser or other procedures using “hot” devices – know how important it is to have the right tools on hand for every job. That’s why Surgimedics offers a number of convenient smoke evacuator tubing kits specifically designed for laparoscopic and gynecological procedures. Kits include the same high-quality medical smoke evacuation tubing we sell for other applications, with the addition of specialized attachments and other accessories required to perform specific clinical tasks.

Among our product offerings are:

  • Smoke removal kits designed to handle the additional demands of laparoscopic work.
  • Tubing kits specifically for use in gynecology clinics.
  • Smoke removal tubing kits with attached viral filters.
  • Tubing kits for loop electrosurgical excision procedures (LEEP) to remove abnormal cervical tissue.
  • Tubing with an attached Luer fitting to connect to trocar instruments.

Wands and Pencils Available

Surgimedics smoke evacuation tubing is ideal for connecting with one of our wand or pencil instruments for capturing smoke plume at the tissue impact site. We offer sterilized and non-sterilized wands in a variety of sizes, suitable for deployment in various laparoscopic and other procedures. Using these smoke evacuation attachments can allow you to create a safer, healthier environment for your surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, technologists and other members of your organization's surgical teams.

Surgimedics Offers High-Quality Smoke Evacuation Attachments at Affordable Prices

Besides having the right smoke evacuation attachment for your needs, we can help you keep your surgical equipment costs under control. When you order from our user-friendly e-commerce site, you get the benefit of our significantly discounted pricing. We also feature periodic promotions that can save you even more money. We're committed to helping healthcare organizations of all types and sizes get the best products while meeting their tight budgeting requirements.

Learn More About Our Line of Tubing and Other Smoke Evacuation Attachments

Discover the many benefits of adding our smoke evacuation tubing to your surgical equipment inventory.

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