Smoke Evacuation Filters

Surgimedics offers a number of smoke evacuation filters to minimize the health hazards associated with surgical laser plume. The filter that’s right for you depends on the type and amount of surgical smoke created during a laser or electrosurgical procedure. We offer in-line filters which are used for small amounts of surgical smoke, smoke evacuator ULPA filters for stand alone systems where large amounts of smoke are generated, prefilters which extend the useful life of the ULPA media and replacement filters for numerous name brand smoke evacuators. Our products use the most advanced filtration technology to provide the most cost effective and efficient removal of hazardous surgical smoke plumes.

SurgiFresh ULPA Filters

An ultra-low penetration air (ULPA) filter is at the core of the SurgiFresh, our premier smoke evacuator. Filter efficiency exceeds 99.9995% for particles as small as 0.1µ. The SurgiFresh is an ideal laparoscopic smoke filter which uses a combination of inertial impaction, interception and diffusion to safely and effectively remove the contaminant byproducts of electrosurgical procedures.

SurgiFresh Prefilters

A replaceable prefilter provides an extra layer of protection for your SurgiFresh device. The prefilter is less expensive to replace than the main smoke evacuator filter, lowering your cost of ownership by prolonging the life of expensive wear components. Powerful on its own as a hazardous smoke plume filter, the prefilter contains four layers of media to deliver effective particulate and odor removal.

USPA Clear Filter for PureVac Devices

Designed specifically for use with the Surgimedics PureVac Turbo device, the UPSA Clear filter for smoke evacuation has a one-hour operational life and a built-in 50 cc liquid trap, making it suitable for deployment where infectious tissue is present in surgical or ultrasonic plume. Because the Clear laser plume filter is affordable enough for one-off use, it can be an important ally in preventing disease transmission in clinical environments.

In-Line Filters

In-line smoke evacuation filters fit directly into your wall suction unit for safe capture of pathogens and other toxic components of surgical plume. Using the same USPA technology as Surgimedics’ more expensive smoke evacuation filters, in-line units can be used to limit exposure and protect piping from corrosion. Both single-use and daily replaceable versions are available.

***For additional information regarding the CLS Surgimedics filters, feel free to contact one of our CLS Surgimedics customer service team members at 800.645.7418 Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm CST. We will be more than welcomed to assist and answer any questions you may have***