Passive Laparoscopic Filter - Sterile / Single Use

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Surgifresh® Lapguard Filter

For use during laparoscopic procedures, the Lapguard Filter is attached to a 3/8” x 12” medical tube with an integrated filter and is packaged sterile, Single-Use. Attached to the side port of a standard trocar using a rotating Luer lock, the Lapguard is effective in helping filter the peritoneal cavity of smoke plume and providing a clear field of vision for the surgical team. Since the Surgifresh Lapguard Filter works on differential pressure, it can be used with or without a vacuum source.


Quantity per Box 10
Item Sterilized Yes
ULPA Media No
Activated Carbon No
Useful Life Single Use


  • Sterile, single use for convenience and safety.
  • Can be used with or without a vacuum source.
  • Bacterial viral filter has 99.7% filtration efficiency to remove potentially harmful smoke plume from peritoneal cavity.
  • Rotating luer lock provides easy connection and fast set up.


Any laparoscopic procedure requiring a smoke free peritoneal field.

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