Insufflation Tubing

Coastal Life Systems carries a range of tubing and connectors for use with both insufflation and suction/irrigation systems. Our products combine exceedingly high quality with the value demanded by today's medical practitioners.

Insufflation Tubing

We offer high quality latex- and DEHP-free insufflation tubing designed to aid in minimally invasive surgical procedures where maintaining visibility and workroom are essential. Our insufflation tubing is sold in 10' lengths and contains an in-line micron filter for producing a high volume of gas, even at low pressure settings. The filter is hydrophobic and designed to remove particles as small as 0.1µ with a minimum 99.997% effectiveness. Tubing is soft and flexible to allow for easy deployment in an operating room without obstructing movement.

Use our insufflation tubing and accessories during laparoscopic and other minimally invasive surgeries. Contact our customer service team today.

Rotating Luer Locks and Other Connectors

In addition to insufflation tubing with in-line filters, we also supply a full complement of locks and connectors that allow you to expand or customize your insufflation and irrigation systems. Economically priced and available in bulk, our insufflation tubing connectors provide effective protection against twisting and disconnection. We offer rotating Luer locks — the industry standard for laparoscopic insufflation tubing — as well as tapered connectors, “Quick Connect”, 15 to 22 mm connectors and more. Call our customer service team for more information.

Suction Irrigation Sets

Surgical suction/irrigation systems can be used for wound cleaning, moistening exposed tissue, hydro-dissection, light smoke evacuation, and clearing away blood, fluid and other obstructions during laparoscopic surgery.

Since 1989, Coastal Life Systems has been matching medical professionals with the right tools to speed up their workflow and improve patient outcomes. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the insufflation tubing or surgical irrigation system that's right for your practice. Call or email today for more information.