Electrocautery Smoke Evacuators

Electrocautery Smoke Evacuation

Recent estimates by the US Centers for Disease Control suggest that, each year, an average of 500,000 healthcare workers are exposed to toxic surgical smoke on the job, usually as a result of laser tissue ablation and electrosurgical procedures. Maintaining proper electrocautery smoke evacuation when performing laparoscopic and other minimally invasive surgeries is becoming more and more of a concern as the popularity of these procedures grows.

Surgimedics is a leading provider of electrocautery smoke evacuation devices for healthcare workers. Our products are the result of years of research into the needs of practicing surgeons and the well-being of both staff and patients.

Why Electrocautery Smoke Evacuation Is Necessary

Over 40 harmful chemicals have been identified in electrocautery smoke, including carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde. Long-term exposure to these toxins has been implicated in genotoxicity, upper respiratory distress, pulmonary irritation and other conditions. Hydrogen cyanide, in particular, is known to inhibit cell and tissue oxygenation; in one peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Surgical Endoscopy, ambient levels of hydrogen cyanide in unventilated operating theatres reached the maximum levels for short-term exposure as suggested by the US Department of Health and Human Services.


Improve Patient Outcomes With Electrocautery Smoke Evacuation

Research evidence suggests that your patients also stand to benefit when you purchase a Surgimedics electrocautery smoke evacuation machine. Electrocautery smoke can become trapped in the peritoneal cavity when performing a laparoscopic procedure, causing high levels of CO to accumulate and potentially be absorbed into the vascular system. Using a Surgimedics machine for rapid capture and evacuation of electrocautery smoke can greatly reduce the risk of harm to the patient.

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Our electrocautery smoke evacuation machines combine powerful suction capabilities and filters that trap pathogens as small as 0.1µ with the flexibility required to work properly without interfering with a surgeon’s workflow. Contact our team today for more information.